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La Zacca Tenugui Bannar
Tenugui; Te=Hands, Nugui=wipe, are Japanese Cotton towels, typically 34-90 cm.
It is a Japanese traditional and common household items and
mainly used as a hand towel or dish cloth and headcovering like a bandanas.
These days, people use as a part of thier fasion items besides traditional way.
It also can be a table runner, place mat or other house decorations or/and wrapping your present.

It's dyed by the traditional Chusen technique, by craftmans hands.
It’s light and very absorbent.
La Zacca Tenugui La Zacca Tenugui La Zacca Tenugui La Zacca Tenugui
La Zacca Tenugui La Zacca Tenugui La Zacca Tenugui
~When, Where, How?~
1. a towel.
2. wrapping... wrap wine bottle, as a lunch bag, book cover.
3. room's decoration... curtain, pillow case/cusion cover, tapestry.
4. on the table... table runner, place mat, napkins (cutting in three).
5. in kitchen... dish towel/tea towel, rug or cover in cupboard ,
clean the kitchen; as a wiper or apron.
6. Fashion Item... scarf, belt, bandana, hair band, mini bag.
7. seasonal greetings... gift of appreciation, family celebration, get-well gift, moving,
celebration of opening of the store or graduation, etc.

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Tenugui Phoenix
Fire Bird in the Moonlight
Tenugui Leo
Lion in the Wood
Tenugui delfino
Unicorn at the Waterside
Tenugui cervo&fiori
A deer & flowering plant.
Tenugui Rondine

Tenugui amayadori
They are take shelter from rain
Tenugui haghinohara
Filed of bush clover
Tenugui delfino
Tenugui peony&a village
peony & a village
Tenugui lotus&elefant
Lotus Flower and Elephant Design
Tenugui MountainClimbing
Mountain Climbing at Night
Tenugui Northern Clime
Northern Clime
Tenugui a peaceful life
A Peaceful Life
Tenugui round round peacock
Round Round Peacock
Tenugui jungle swirl
Jungle Swirl
Tenugui big black flower
Big Black Flowers
Tenugui a new start
A New Start
Copyright(c) 2010 La Zacca All Rights Reserved.
Copyright(c) 2010 La Zacca All Rights Reserved.